The East-West Arc from Oxford to Milton Keynes and Cambridge is one of the most innovative and dynamic areas of the UK, central to the greater urbanised area from London to Birmingham. Its potential is recognised by the government as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the region to become a ‘knowledge-intensive growth cluster, competing globally’. Yet that potential is capped by inadequate infrastructure and expensive housing.

The National Infrastructure Commission is examining the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc as a gateway to deliver sustainable prosperity.

In that context, the East-West Arc research project aims at developing a framework for future steps in the East-West Arc and its surrounding areas, in which infrastructure-led growth, finance & investment, governances & institutions are encompassed in a comprehensive vision for the extended area, and to establish the University of Westminster as a forum for this debate and dialogue to occur.


Michael Neuman


Michael is Professor of Sustainable Urbanism at the University of Westminster and principal of the Michael Neuman Consultancy. His research and practice span urbanism, planning, design, engineering, sustainability, infrastructure and governance.  He earned his doctorate from UC Berkeley and masters from the University of Pennsylvania, both in City and Regional Planning.

Megan Sharkey

(MPlan, MSBenv, BSc)

Megan is an Urban Studies Research Scholar with interests in infrastructure, institutions, socio-technical transitions, communities, and cities.  Her doctoral studies are researching institutional barriers and grassroots movements.

Alec Gelgota


Alec is a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster (FABE

Doctoral student). His research explores decentralised peer-to-peer energy sharing initiatives and their role as urban experiments in creating systemic transformational change.

Mireille Tchapi

(MArch, MA- Social Sciences, PhD- Urban Design)

Mireille is licensed architect (France), got her PhD from the University of Tokyo and a master from the EHESS-Paris. Her research explore urban design & landscape through the memory, the identity, the morphogenesis of neighbourhoods, the perception of the public space and the community participation.

Irena Itova

(MSc, BSc)


Irena is the co-founder of UniverCities and doctoral researcher in technology-led sustainable urbanism at the University of Westminster. She studies the versatile and dynamic influence of technology (digital economy and hyper-connected society) over the modern urban environment.


East-West Arc Network

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