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Who:  CASA – Centre for Advandced Spatial Analysis @ UCL


  • Day1: 10:00-17:00, 8TH NOVEMBER
  • Day2: 9:00-17:00, 9TH NOVEMBER
To register email:
Carl Steinitz – Harvard/UCL CASA –
Mike Batty – UCL CASA –
Adam Dennett – UCL CASA –

The CASA (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) at UCL have a project to explore how we can use ‘GeoDesign’ to design physical plans. Geodesign is a set of tools that enable a group of stakeholders who have a commitment to the problem to participate in design in such a way that they cooperate and use each others information and views about the problem so that they and the group might come to a negotiated design in what is not a zero sum game.  The workflow is participatory in that although each stakeholder team produces its own design, each is influenced by other, and  information about how the designs are  progressing is continually available to them. We use computer technologies to make that possible.

They are holding a workshop to design a strategic plan for the CAMKOX corridor using this method. The workshop will be held on two days – the 8th and 9th November – Thursday and Friday – at our offices at 90 Tottenham Court road (see map) starting on the first day at 10am. They hope to attract you to attend this and be one of the participants but we realise this may be tough for two days and thus we would like you to maybe send one of your colleagues if you cannot make it, even alternating with her or him. They think it important that they have representation from your group as you have been central to this particular problem context.

Geodesign is basically a GIS (geographic information systems) method that goes beyond geography and introduces design. It was developed over many years by our visiting Professor Carl Steinitz who is Emeritus Professor in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and has, for many years, been central to the use of GIS in landscape planning. 

If you feel this is something that would be of interest and of course we would like you to attend because of your expertise, please email CASA.

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